• 120 cm x 80 cm x 52 cm

    £ 104
    Desk with a standard form, available in two coloursArca collection, which is modern in form, can be an ideal base for a minimalist or modern-nature arrangement. Instead of handles, the furniture has holes, which deprives them of external accessories.
  • 120 cm x 80 cm x 55 cm

    £ 111
    Perfect for work or learn desk, has a spacious cabinet with doors. The Lofter collection is made of very fashionable loft-style furniture, which is available at an affordable price. An interesting solution is the use of industrial-looking, strong, metal furniture legs.
  • 120 cm x 85 cm x 55 cm

    £ 135
    A desk that perfectly matches a laptop or a desktop computer. The unique combination of Scandinavian style and modernist contrast. As a result, it is ideal not only for the living room or bedroom but also for the youth room.
  • 140 cm x 79 cm x 52 cm

    £ 176
    An element of the Sven collection made in the Scandinavian style with characteristic white fronts. The whole is completed with elements in oak nash colour. See the full Sven collection
  • 160 cm x 75 cm x 60 cm

    £ 271
  • 120 cm x 76 cm x 59 cm

    £ 129
    Desk with drawers in oak sonoma colour.Link is a collection of more than 20 elements that allow you to decorate a living room, bedroom, dining room or child room. Link is distinguished by a special board with rounded corners. Edges are made of strong ABS edge-banding.Have you seen the entire Collection Link?
  • 100 cm x 79 cm x 50 cm

    £ 77
    Desk with front strip in high-gloss.Furniture from the collection Verto surprises amount of interesting elements in three colour options. This is lucky strike for creative people who plan arrangement of the apartment. They allow you to create an infinite number of sets of original furniture for the living room, the bedroom, the youth room.Have you seen the entire Collection Verto?
  • 138 cm x 76 cm x 60 cm

    £ 115 £ 93
    Modern grey desk.The furniture from the Zonda collection is characterized by modern design. Gray-white color, white elements in high gloss, simple forms, lack of ornaments, lightness and functionality.
  • 130 cm x 85 cm x 55 cm

    £ 163
    Blog System is designed both for the boys and girls. Shades of brown contrast with the whiteness, creating an atmosphere of aesthetics. A large number of shelves and drawers teaches organizations from an early age.Complete all set for your child, see all the elements of Blog System?
  • 125 cm x 55 cm x 76 cm

    £ 155
    Modern desk with convenient drawers and shelves.An absolute novelty in the market is the use of special board in white shades. Shades are irregular, creating innovative effect similar to limed wood.Complete all set for your child, see all the elements of Next System?
  • 110 cm x 77 cm x 60 cm

    £ 189
    A solid, made of solid wood furniture guarantee the enjoyment and safety of your child. In the system Soldi I handles are replaced by holes. In this way, we get rid of the protruding ends, increasing security.Colour can be easily changed. Go to the tab 'Available colours' and enter the color number in the box under the photo.Have you seen a desk, wardrobe, Sideboard and other furniture in the same colour from Collection Soldi?