• 164 cm x 80 cm x 218 cm

    £ 359
    The bed has a comfortable, soft headboard You can compose your own Latika furniture set. A practical and light bedroom is available in two colors.
  • 164 cm x 80 cm x 218 cm

    £ 279
    Light bed available in two colors You can compose your own Latika furniture set. A practical and light bedroom is available in two colors.
  • 160 cm x 100 cm x 204 cm

    £ 411
  • 180 cm x 100 cm x 204 cm

    £ 439
  • 266 cm x 96 cm x 210 cm

    £ 388
    Bed with soft headboards and very interesting leg. It occurs in two colours.Morena bedroom set is designed in natural modern style. As the name suggests it is a combination of two styles: modern with natural. On the one hand, we see a simple, modern body of the other extras in natural colour 'baltimore walnut'.Have you seen the entire Bedroom Morena?
  • 164 cm x 78 cm x 213 cm

    £ 266
    Link is a collection of more than 20 elements that allow you to decorate a living room, bedroom, dining room or child room. Link is distinguished by a special board with rounded corners. Edges are made of strong ABS edge-banding.Have you seen the entire Collection Link?
  • 176 cm x 103 cm x 218 cm

    £ 427
    Bed with bedding container. The body is the colour of oak nelson upholstered element occurs in 3 colors.Furniture from the collection Verto surprises amount of interesting elements in three colour options. This is lucky strike for creative people who plan arrangement of the apartment. They allow you to create an infinite number of sets of original furniture for the living room, the bedroom, the youth room.Have you seen the entire Collection Verto?
  • 174 cm x 76 cm x 210 cm

    £ 346
    The bed has a container for bedding under the mattress and strengthened frame. Available in 3 widths. The Penelope collection is functional Polish furniture with a neat style. The undoubted advantage of this collection is the possibility of choosing one of 4 colours.
  • 169 cm x 74 cm x 207 cm

    £ 166
    Mediolan bed is full of contrast. The classic color is combined with a bright headboard, creating an atmosphere of high elegance in the bedroom Have you seen the other elements of Bedroom Mediolan?
  • 170 cm x 106 cm x 207 cm

    £ 198
    Two things affect the uniquely modern style of bed Roma:1. LED lighting 2. Black element to a high glossSurprise your friends with modern furniture of the highest quality.
  • 180 cm x 83 cm x 204 cm

    £ 125
    Wardrobe with sliding doors Alex. The body of the cabinet is black, the doors are white matte.