• 80 cm x 94 cm x 40 cm

    £ 115
    Chest of drawers with 4 drawers, available in two colours.Arca collection, which is modern in form, can be an ideal base for a minimalist or modern-nature arrangement. Instead of handles, the furniture has holes, which deprives them of external accessories.
  • 80 cm x 105 cm x 54 cm

    £ 201
  • 55 cm x 105 cm x 54 cm

    £ 179
  • 80 cm x 86 cm x 54 cm

    £ 184
  • 55 cm x 110 cm x 40 cm

    £ 131
    Tall Sideboard with 5 drawers. Two colors to choose from.Morena bedroom set is designed in natural modern style. As the name suggests it is a combination of two styles: modern with natural. On the one hand, we see a simple, modern body of the other extras in natural colour 'baltimore walnut'.Have you seen the entire Bedroom Morena?
  • 80 cm x 86 cm x 42 cm

    £ 137
    Sideboard with 4 drawers and 1 door.Link is a collection of more than 20 elements that allow you to decorate a living room, bedroom, dining room or child room. Link is distinguished by a special board with rounded corners. Edges are made of strong ABS edge-banding.Have you seen the entire Collection Link?
  • 50 cm x 46 cm x 50 cm

    £ 113
    Functional container with drawers that can be opened by pressing lightly.Furniture from collection Zonda characterizes modern design: grey-white colours, white high gloss, simple forms, lack of ornaments, lightness and functionality.
  • 50 cm x 116 cm x 42 cm

    £ 190
    A solid, made of solid wood furniture guarantee the enjoyment and safety of your child.In the system Soldi I handles are replaced by holes. In this way, we get rid of the protruding ends, increasing security.Have you seen a desk, wardrobe, Sideboard and other furniture in the same colour from Collection Soldi?