system furniture alex

Alex is available in several colours, the collection allows you to furnish a bedroom in a minimalist style.


collection morena

Morena is a modern system with a characteristic bed foot. Available in 2 colours.


system furniture link

Link is available for the bedroom, living room, dining room and children's room. It has a rounded finish.


system furniture Mediolan

Mediolan is a classic set with a large chest of drawers and a wardrobe with a mirror. Available in two colours.


system furniture penelopa to bedroom

Penelopa is a system consisting of a large number of elements. It is available in 4 colours.


furniture systemowe verto

You can change the colour of the Verto system adds. Magnolia, brown and gray to choose from.


system finezja

Finezja it's a classic set with simple forms. Available in light and dark colour.


system latte to bedroom

Latte is one of the most popular systems. Available in 2 versions.


system bedroom lux

Lux surprises with the number of cabinet door combinations. Several colours to choose from.


system furniture lucca

Lucca it is a full contrast system for a modern bedroom. Black elements are made in gloss.


system furniture roma

Roma has led bed lighting. The huge wardrobe door looks perfect in the role of a mirror.


system furniture sven

Sven is a Scandinavian system with a warm form. The white color is stylized on bleached wood.


collection xelo

Xelo - a comfortable bed and practical lighting in the wardrobe and bed.


collection avallon

Avallon - the system is characterized by harmonious finishes and delicate colours. Furniture will allow you to furnish your bedroom, living room or dining room


bedroom set Dione

Dione occurs in two colours; lighter - pine norwegian / gray and darker - san remo / gray. It has a number of useful functions such as a container for bedding in the bed, wardrobe lighting.


bedroom set Latika

Latika - you can compose your own Latika furniture set. A practical and light bedroom is available in two colors..