kolekcja finezja-salon

Finezja it's a classic set with simple forms. Available in light and dark colour.


system mebli link

Link is available for the bedroom, living room, dining room and children's room. It has a rounded finish.


system mebli skandynawskich sven

Sven is a Scandinavian system with a warm form. The white color is stylized on bleached wood


meble systemowe verto

You can change the colour of Verto's additions. Magnolia, brown and gray to choose from.


meble systemowe zonda

Zonda it is white (gloss) and graphite. It allows you to complete a living room, office or children's room.


system evado

Evado allows you to set your own unit and create a unique room arrangement


collection avallon

Avallon - the system is characterized by harmonious finishes and delicate colours. Furniture will allow you to furnish your bedroom, living room or dining room


collection inline

Inline - you can move doors and create your own settings. With the help of the Inline system, you can create an original looking living room or dining room


system sweden

Sweden - elements of the collection present the Scandinavian style. A characteristic feature of this system are legs and handles made of solid wood


system Modern Nature xelo

Xelo is furniture in the style of Modern Nature. They are extremely popular because of the vivid, clear shades of oak.