Guarantee period

24 months from the date of purchase.

What does the warranty cover?

Problems related to the manufacturer's defect (material defects, workmanship and function).

What does the warranty not cover?

Problems associated with the failure to store, clean and use the product. Scratches and other mechanical damage resulting from use or incorrect cleaning. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from storage of the product outdoors, in a very humid or sunny place.

What actions are we taking under the warranty?

If the warranty relates to an exchangeable item, the online store will cover the cost of shipping a specific item at a convenient time. In the case of a non-replaceable part of the furniture, the shop will cover the costs of repair, travel and the work of the repair service. 

How should I report a defect?

Please contactstore support using the form or email In response, you will be asked to send a photo of the defect in order to evaluate and plan the repair or replacement by the store.

Additional information

The warranty does not limit the customer's statutory rights.