White furniture for the kitchen

Details & Dimensions

Width350 cm
Height(shown in the picture)
DepthUpper cabinet 29,5 cm | Bottom cabinets: 51 cm | Countertop: 60 cm
ConstructionStandard matte
Fronts (doors)High Gloss

Product advantages

High gloss front

Fronty (drzwi/szuflady) wykonane są z płyty o wysokim połysku. Jest to wyjątkowo gładka powierzchnia imitująca odbicie lustrzane

Metal-box drawers

The metal sides of the drawer are more efficient and will withstand higher loads


Furniture can be equipped with a sink. A special hole for the selected sink will be cut at the factory


The furniture can be equipped with drawers or doors slide stopper. A pull-out drawer equipped with this set will slow down before closing and will gently close

nowoczesna polska kuchnia emma

Kitchen accessories (such as oven, fridges, dishwashers, gas cookers, taps, etc.) in the pictures are designed to help with the visualization of the kitchen and do not belong to the set. The product can be equipped with a sink.



- 600x800mm

- sink drain 1 1/2"

- with siphon

- colour: satin

zlewem kuchenny classic 30


- 600x1000mm

- sink drain 1 1/2"

- with siphon

- colour: satin

zlew do mebli kuchennych classic 70


- 780x435mm

- sink drain 1 1/2"

- with siphon

- colour: satin

zlewozmywak do kuchni basic 70


- 510mm x 510mm

- wide sink drain 3 1/2"

- with siphon

- colour: satin

polski zlew do mebli kuchennych form 30


- 615 x 500mm

- wide sink drain 3 1/2"

- with siphon

- colour: satin

zlew line 50 do polskich mebli kuchennych


- 615 x 500mm

- wide sink drain 3 1/2"

- with siphon

- colour: satin

zlew z syfonem do kuchni

The choice of delivery occurs in the buying process when you add product to cart. Possible options:


- free delivery

- driver assistance in unloading the furniture out of the car or bringing furniture to the apartment by two drivers £ 29


- delivery costs £14-£39 (add product to cart to calculate)

- driver assistance in unloading the furniture out of the car


- delivery costs £14-£49 (add product to cart to calculate)

- driver assistance in unloading the furniture out of the car

- we do not deliver furniture to the Orkney, Shetland Islands, Channel Islands, Scottish Isles, Man Island)

We do our best to make you feel fully informed about the process. We will inform you about every step:

Order day

After placing an order you will receive e-mail with a summary

1-2 weeks before delivery

Furniture is ready. You will receive an e-mail that the furniture is ready and waiting for transport to the UK

1 week before delivery

We will contact you via SMS to inform you of your delivery date. If we do not get an answer we will contact you by phone and email, to make sure you have received the message

1-4 days before delivery

Furniture was taken from the factory. Mail information that furniture was taken from Poland and are on their way to the UK

Delivery Day

The driver will call to determine delivery details

If you have chosen the assembly

1 day after delivery

We will call to confirm the assembly and determine a possible date

2-7 days after delivery 

Assembly of furniture

montaz mebli uk

Counties in which the assembly is carried out by our company is indicated in green

In other areas, we provide assistance in finding an external assembler

About the assembly

- our professionals will install and set up the furniture. They also attach cabinets to the wall if the furniture or its part is hanging

- assembly price is shown on the right side, above the "add to cart" button

- amount will not be added to cart. It is collected after the assembly of the furniture

- furniture assembly is carried out a few days after delivery. We will contact you after delivery to determine details and possible date

- please do not remove items from the packages before the installer arrives

- you can cancel the installation after receiving the parcel, if you feel that you can handle yourself

-  payment by VISA / Master Card

-  payment via Paypal account

-  payment by bank transfer

-  cash on delivery

- the furniture warranty is 2 years and is counted from the day of delivery, more information on the warranty

- you have the right to return the goods without giving a reason within 14 days of delivery, more information on returns

- dimensions of the elements are above. Please note tolerance range (2.5 cm)

- furniture are delivered in solid packages containing assembly instructions

- we try to show the colours and shapes of the furniture with maximum precision, but images may slightly differ depending on the parameters of the device on which the page is displayed

- all our furniture are manufactured in Poland. Polish furniture are appreciated in Europe and worldwide mainly by the highest quality and low prices

- We will be happy to help and advise you. If you have questions, please contact us


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White furniture for the kitchen

White furniture for the kitchen

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